"Alan gifted us more than just a video of our wedding... He gifted us such precious and eternal memories."

—Lorenzo & Marghe

Wedding Videographer based in Riga, available worldwide

Hi, I'm Alan.

I'm passionate about crafting unique, individual wedding films that reflect my couples and that capture the emotions of the day in an artistic way. I blend into the background and keep an eye out for all of the little moments that make your day special, all whilst remaining as unobtrusive as possible - most of the time, you won't even know I'm there!

More About Me

"Let me just pause a minute and drink in this moment. And if you film it, I’ll be able to get free refills for life."

—Jarod Kintz


Wedding Films That Tell Your Story

I work hard to create unique wedding films that transport a couple back to their wedding day and that bring every emotion they felt flooding back. I know first-hand that a wedding day flashes by in an instant and when it's all said and done, all we have left are memories. I'll make sure to document your wedding day in its entirety, so that no precious moment is lost to time.