First Things First

Each love story is different and I can't wait to hear yours! If you've watched my films and think I would be a great fit for documenting your wedding, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you soon.

Get in Touch

If you don't hear from me within 3 business days after submitting your inquiry, feel free to contact me directly at:


Phone: +37120255943

Whatsapp: +447730584736


What are the steps after we fill out the form?

I'll get back to you and, as long as your date is available, we'll arrange a time to meet face to face or on a video call. We'll get to know each other a little better and if you think I'm a good fit for your wedding we'll make the booking official. Don't worry though, it's easy and I'll be there to help you every step of the way!

We don't have a set date yet, can we still message you?

Of course! I'll be by your side for most of the day, so it's super important that we get on well and that you trust me. That all starts with getting to know each other, so feel free to reach out and just say hello. I can't guarantee that I will be free for your date though and I work on a first come first served basis, so the sooner you know your date the better!

Are the travel fees included in your packages?

Travel fees for weddings within 100km of Riga are included in my pricing. For weddings further from Riga and international weddings, travel fees are an additional expense.